Balanga City market vendors warned

By Zeny Soriano & Jonie Capalaran

BALANGA CITY, Bataan – Mr. Rudy de Mesa, City Administrator and Chief of the City Economic Investment and Development Office sternly warned market vendors to follow the rules and regulations of their market code particularly on the use of weighing scale, which is in accordance to DTI Consumers Act 7394.

De Mesa said that the city government will not hesitate to use the strictest force of the law such as closing their stall and deleting them from their list of law abiding market vendors, once they violate or tamper their weighing scales for the third time.

During the condemnation of the 154 defective weighing scales at the Balanga City Public Market yesterday, De Mesa stressed said that the City government under the leadership of City Mayor Francis Garcia, is serious in protecting the interest of the consumers in promoting their general welfare through the establishment of standards of conduct for business and industry.

In an interview, De Mesa explained that once a defective weighing scale is confiscated from a vendor, whether due to constant use or intentionally de-calibrated, the vendor will pay a fine of P500 for the first offense, P1,500 for 2nd time and an imprisonment of 6 months to 1 year depending on the order of the Court and will be subject of an Executive Order signed by the City Mayor closing the stall, as well as curtailing his right to be a stall owner again for the 3rd time.

In their bid to eradicate such malpractices, De Mesa added that they have put up billboards made of tarpaulins in strategic locations in the market for all the vendors to be reminded of market violations and the penalties thereof.

In the said joint action of DTI Bataan headed by Ms. Nelin Cabahug, the Bataan Consumers Affairs Council thru its President, Mr. Rolly Dizon and the City Government of Balanga, they are one in saying that they will strictly implement all the necessary measures to achieve their goal of protecting the rights of the consumers not only on defective weighing scales, but also on the health hazards on any product sold in the market as well as ill-practices of vendors.

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