Barangay Bagsakan and Aling Amelita

Aling Amelita Abello is one of the founding members of Pilar Rural Improvement Club Multi-Purpose Cooperative (PRC-MPC) of Nagwaling, Pilar in 2007. One of their projects is the establishment of the Barangay Bagsakan in the area.

Barangay Bagsakan started as a small sari-sari store that caters to the needs of the residents of Nagwaling. Aside from basic commodities, the store also sells the harvests of small-farmer members of the MPC. Farmers bring in various produce such as banana, papaya, camote, singkamas and other fruits and vegetables to be sold at the store. In this way, farmers are assured that their produce has a stable market.

To improve the income of the cooperative, they also decided to sell NFA rice in their store. “Napakamahal ng bigas noon, kaya nung nagbenta kami ng NFA rice, grabe ang pila ng mamimili”, Aling Amelita recalled.

“Maliit ang kita sa NFA rice pero mabilis naman maubos kaya malaking tulong din sa koop namin”, she added.

Aling Amelita recalled that Barangay Bagsakan was the first store to sell NFA rice in the town of Pilar so they were able to serve a lot of people. She also said that selling NFA rice was a big help to the citizens of Pilar. “Yung ipapamasahe nila papunta sa bayan, pandagdag na lang nila sa pambili ng bigas”, she added.

Aling Amelita at 68, is still very active. As the current Chairperson of PRC-MPC, she is in- charge of the buying and selling of NFA rice. Aside from that, she coordinates with other government agencies for livelihood/skills trainings of their members. They also actively attend various trade fairs to showcase their harvests and products.

Members of the MPC hope that she continues to be their active leader and supporter for a very long time. More power to you, Aling Amelita!

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