Bataan agricultural town transforms into commercial and tourism site

BALANGA CITY, Bataan – The expansion of economic activities in the agricultural town of Pilar, once dubbed as the province’s rice granary, brought by the establishment of one of the country’s largest shopping malls, which laid the groundwork for a meaningful entrepreneurial investment growth.
A successful restaurant proprietor from the farming village of Ala-Uli, Pilar town has cited the miraculous transformation of the community into a government center and commercial district which is the outcome of the inclusive concept of the provincial investment portfolio formulated by Bataan Governor Albert Raymond S. Garcia and other stakeholders.
Rodolfo J. Pincil,57, owner of Crossing Food House, located at the junction of Governor J.J. Linao National Road and Roman Expressway has acknowledged the operation of the multi-billion Vista Mall Bataan along the stretch of the province’s main thoroughfare in Barangay Cupang here near the boundary of Pilar-Balanga City as an excellent business site and ideal strategic location which are traditionally valuable ingredients to financial success.
He enthusiastically expressed the compact economic investment package of Governor Garcia and eco-tourism thrust of Pilar Mayor Alice D. Pizarro have provided comprehensive business profitability mechanism of creating the periphery of historic Mount Samat tourism zone .
The town of Pilar is located at the heart of historic peninsula and the cross roads to the southern Bataan industrial zones in Mariveles and Limay and the gateway to the two prominent tourist destinations in Central Luzon, the coastal towns of Bagac and Morong facing the the panoramic West Philippine Sea.

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