Bataan health workers undergo orientation on micronutrient supplementation

BALANGA CITY, Bataan – The Bataan Provincial Health Office under the able leadership of Dr. Rosanna Buccahan, this morning conducted an Orientation on the DOH Revised Policy on Micronutrient Supplementation at the Crown Royale Hotel, this City.

In attendance are representatives/health workers and providers of the different public and private hospitals in the Province, mostly dietitians; concerned agencies and the local media. Ms. Shiela Ann Laquindanum, EPI Nurse, Family Health Cluster from the Regional Health Office 3 enlightened the participants as to the aim of the DOH which is to ensure that quality MS be appropriately provided among the people. It likewise aims to guide health workers and providers in administering micronutrient supplements to identified population groups and client needs; promote the compliance and adherence among DOH offices, the LGUS and private sector to the revised policy and guidelines; and generate the support of other stakeholders in implementing the MS policy and guide throughout the province.

Micronutrient supplementation (MS), diet diversification, and food fortification comprise the three-pronged strategy identified by the government to combat micronutrient deficiency problems in the country. Since the formulation of the Department of Health’s (DOH) Micronutrient Supplementation (MS) Guideline in 2010, new preparations of micronutrient supplements that could lead to the control of deficiencies have been developed and are currently available in the country. In view of the above, the DOH deemed it necessary to update its current policies and guidelines pertinent to the MS Program.

Said orientation will be conducted among health workers in the municipality level starting February 25-27.

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