BPSU offers facilities for bamboo industry projects

BALANGA CITY, Bataan – Ms. Thess  Magtanong, Information Officer of the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) in Bataan has disclosed that BPSU Abucay campus director Jonathan Lacayanga agrees to share knowledge and valuable information on the  technical aspect of propagating bamboo nursery including conservation measures of bamboo farming; specifically on teaching farmers the proper and sustainable way of harvesting bamboo so as not to deplete the supply and to ensure that they will have a continuous source of income.

While the two representatives from the Department of Education in the provincial and city district offices would launch promotional activities to teachers and senior high school students about the money-earning bamboo trade.

During the meeting of Bataan Bamboo Industry Development Council (BBIDC) held recently at the Plaza Hotel here Ms. Magtanong said that bamboos grow rapidly and reach maturity in three to five years making it a viable alternative to hardwood and traditional timber when it comes to the furniture industry.

With the excellent  return of investment, bamboo grows up a lot faster since it can be frequently harvested making it attractive and sustainable projects even for small farmers, Ms. Magtanong explained.

Study shows bamboo is effective in preventing soil erosion and can be made into rafts, for biomass production, textiles, papers and chemical products and because of its quality, you can plant it on mountains and include it in multi-cropping.

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