More power substations to rise in Roman Expressway

BALANGA CITY, Bataan – The Peninsula Electric Cooperative Incorporated (PENELCO), one of the emerging best performing electric cooperatives in the country, is preparing to implement its long range comprehensive energy distribution scheme which focuses on the construction of sub-station facilities along the Roman Expressway .
Renato V. Santos, PENELCO Balanga City service supervisor, has revealed the electric service cooperation goal of keeping an excellent posture of sufficient and dependable energy supply to meet the mounting requirements of prospective locators in the business friendly historic peninsula.
He learned that a number of management teams of a cement factory, ice cold storage plants, food conglomerate, commercial buildings, fuel storage and depots and other service-oriented tourism facilities are evaluating the areas along the Roman Expressway.
Santos has pinpointed the strategic importance of the 68-kilometer expressway as the probable industrial and commercial business core with the expected influx of manufacturing firms in the various progressive ecozones and industrial estates in Southern Bataan municipalities.
According to Santos the establishment of additional state of the art power distribution system leads to more economic activities, job opportunities for the residents and revenues for local government to support their programs of enhancing the quality of life of the people.
Metro Manila-based businessmen and local traders have conferred with the local municipal and provincial officials inquiring on the socio-economic development plan, non-fiscal and fiscal incentives, peace and order and other highly-sensitive business variables.

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