Balanga City will be the pilot area of the special project ” Caravan for Hope” by Psoriasis Phil. headed by Mr. Josef de Guzman, Pres. of Psoriasis Phil. and Officer (treas) of the International (IFMA) Executive Board.

Josef who was born in Samal town said that it is very symbolic for him to start the project in his native province, whom he have been a way for such a long time, as his legacy; that he is appealing to the officials of the province to help his group to spearhead the awareness activity about the disease.

Psoriasis Phil.held last friday a seminar training to all the barangay health workers of Balanga City as their point of entry to encourage all persons in the different barangays of the City suffering from the disease to come out in the open and believe that there’s hope for them to be cured.

Josef explained that people with psoriasis faces stigma, prejudice and discrimination even in their own families; that it will be a big help through the barangay health workers for the patient to know that there’s a group who understand what they’re going through and is willing to help them.

It’s sad to learn according to josef that there’s no clear data from the Dept. of Health and even here in Bataan about patients with psoriasis, they believe that with this project, they will be able to set the tone on data gathering as well as help the patients with their treatment with affordable medicines.

After the seminar with the barangay health workers, Psoriasis Phil. will be back for a medical mission on Nov. 5, 2018 here in Balanga City for the screening of all patients and how they will be given treatment.

Psoriasis is from the greek word psora meaning itchy, and is a common chronic disease that speeds up the life cycle of skin cells, the extra skin cells scales and red patches are itchy and sometimes painful. The disease can be unattractive that can appear anywhere in the body even the face, uncomfortable at times but is not life threatening, that persons with the disease usually isolate himself to avoid embarassment and discrimination.

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