Contributed by Liza Manuel – DepEd Bataan, City of Balanga

According to Annette Funicello, a writer, “Life does not have to be perfect to be wonderful”, but how do we live it? Most of us are so busy in other matters, which for us are more important, that we forget that there is something more to life than material things.

It is true that material things make our life light and comfortable, but then, they are just temporary. They are just part of success – coming to us as we become more and more successful. However, they should not be the end -all of life, we must concentrate more on the inner qualities of an employee in an organization, and of man in general.

What then are the inner qualities of an employee that may help him or her to have an outstanding performance and add years to his or her life? First, are the values that mold one’s personality which later affect the interrelationship of an employee to other co-workers and will later on effect dramatic changes in us and eventually lead to lasting success in the organization.

The second inner quality that brings lasting success is the virtuousness to never speak ill of anyone. The power of speech is undeniably very effective. Abusing the reputation of another co-worker is a product of bad tongues. Why talk about others, when there are more important tasks to be done?

Another quality that an employee should possess is that you must make only a few promises and whenever you promise, live up to it, Why few promises? For the simple reason that promises should never be broken. Committing ourselves left and right results in broken commitments, that is the reason that promises should never be broken—to be able to fulfill them.

Don’t forget the wise words of Rosseau, a famous philosopher.“He who is most slow in making a promise, is the most faithful in the performance of it.” So let us be careful in committing ourselves. Commitment is sacred. When we make a promise, even in the course of ordinary conversation, look into the eyes of the person which is important, for the eyes are the windows of the soul.


W.C. Tapalla Qualities of a Man. Woman’s Home Companion,1998

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