Roman eyes European-approach nature park in Bataan

ORANI, Bataan – Representative Geraldine Roman of the 1st district of Bataan is eyeing the conversion of a portion of Bataan National Park into a European-style nature park.

Roman is coordinating with the Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH) staff to initiate a doable road network plan connecting the town of Orani to Morong.

Roman described her vision of transforming the lush virgin forest of Bataan National Park into a scientific center  for higher studies on flora and fauna  since it covers tropical jungle  and mountain  terrains  with significant geological features such as rivers, springs and waterfalls  comprising of 23,688 hectares .

She explained the road improvement is the initial phase starting from the upland village of Tala, this town, which earned the sobriquet of mountain leisure resort in the coffee growing atmosphere nestled in the Bataan National Park.

Two prominent mountain health and leisure resorts, Vista Tala and Sinag Tala, have attracted visitors from Metro Manila and Central Luzon provinces since they became operational a few years ago.

The lawmaker has proposed a gravel-type road system which is being used in Europe as an effective method of preserving rich cultural and historical heritage to instill the delightful feelings and experiences which perfectly commune with nature.

Mount Natib, an extinct volcano with an elevation of 4,224 feet above sea level is the highest peak in the peninsula, with its wide forested acorn-shaped caldera located in the middle of the park, best suited for nature viewing, bird watching and trekking in its several  peaks and waterfalls.

Pasukulan and Dunsulan falls are found within the park, as are important species of flowers and ground orchids. It is also home to several wild monkeys, wild boars and other varieties of insects and birds.

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