“Saving the environment, one mangrove at a time”

CITY of BALANGA, Bataan – Mangrove forests save lives. It naturally absorbs influx of water on a daily basis and cope with the extra flooding during typhoons. This is why the Provincial Government of Bataan – Environment and Natural Resources (PG-ENRO), Local Government Unit of Orion, Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources – Region 3, and their private company counterpart, Philippine Resins Industry Incorporated (PRII), came up with a big project called: “Camachile Mangrove Eco-tourism Project.”
The “Camachile Mangrove Eco-tourism Project” is located at the coastal part of Barangay Camachile, Orion, Bataan. The coordinators of this project are Ms. Eleonor Tabing of PG-ENRO, Mr. Alfredo Hernandez of Orion LGU, and Mr. Rolando Asuncion of PRII. According to Ms. Tabing, the PG-ENRO,Orion LGU, and BFAR Region 3 are in charge of the technical aspects of the project like maintaining the project while the PRII is on the financial side because it is part of their company’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), and also because they are part of the Bataan Coastal Care Foundation (BCCF).
Ms. Tabing also said that they will implement the method called “Aquasilviculture.” According to repository.seafdec.org.ph, Aquasilviculture can be defined as the integration of aquaculture with mangroves.
In the Camachile Mangrove Reserve, they will put a series of perimeter ponds with mud crabs, where this will serve as a source of income of the people around the reserve aside from the income they will get on the Eco-tourism side of the project.
The formal launch of the Camachile Mangrove Eco-tourism Project, according to Engr. Vic Ubaldo: PG-ENRO head, is on March 11.

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