World War II in today’s generation

Who says that you can’t make a living out of arts? Mhersayan Design Studio & Merchandise will prove you wrong.
Mr. Hershy Masayon, an artist and owner of the said business is proud to say that he is making money while pursuing his passion.
Mhersayan Design Studio & Merchandise started in 2015 with a few sketches of some comics and posters about World War II in honor of the war veterans. It was personally sketched and designed by Mr. Masayon. They started joining local exhibits in the City of Balanga and other local trade fairs.

As their business grew and more products were added, Mr. Masayon started making World War II inspired soldier miniatures, tumblers, customized t-shirt, and refrigerator magnet.
They are also one of the suppliers of Bataan World War II Museum, Mt. Samat Museum, Ima’s Pamangan, and Fruit stand located in Balanga City.
Their products attract not only Bataeños but also people outside Bataan such as Philippine Veterans Affairs Office (PVAO) Philippine Army, Taguig, and some other clients across the country.
Mr. Masayon said that his vision is to preserve the memories of the remarkable war and at the same time inspire other artists in Bataan to pursue their artistic talents.

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