Abucay command center starts operation

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Abucay command center starts operation
  • Greg R.
  • 9 months ago

Bataan Gov. Joet Garcia on Thursday said the cctv cameras installed in strategic locations in the municipality of Abucay will not only deter commission of crimes but will also give investors in the province peace of mind and assurance of peace and good business climate.

The Governor with Mayor Robin Tagle, inaugurated the command center based in the old municipal building of Abucay where the station of marshalls was also located. Gov. Joet later opened the “Eskinita de Abucay” where side walk vendors will be relocated to give them a good place to sell their wares and to showcase local products. Also on the same day, the governor switched on the solar power system for the municipal government’s facilities.

Mayor Tagle said the municipal government will save immensely in its power consumption by as much 40 percent with the use of solar power. “Besides the savings we can get, we can also help the electric cooperative use their output in other towns,” he said.

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