Abucay mayor issues stern warning on garbage issue

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Abucay mayor issues stern warning on garbage issue
  • Greg R.
  • 8 months ago

Mayor Robin Tagle of Abucay said on Wednesday that stall holders occupying slots at the “Eskinita” should observe proper discharging of their garbage to keep the facility clean and orderly.

The mayor made the appeal during the blessing of the mini alley prepared by Abucay Municipal Government for food vendors affected by the beautification project in the town plaza. Mayor Tagle thanked the vendors for their cooperation and continuing support to various projects of the municipal government more particularly the Tourism Council chaired by Mrs. Christine Tagle. The “Eskinita” is located just opposite the old municipal building of Abucay and a few meters awag from the century old acacia tree which is being preserved by Abucay.

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