Balanga City launches TFG movement

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BALANGA CITY, Bataan Around 15 thousand people joined the latest anti-smoking advocacy of the city government here led by city mayor Jose Enrique “Joet” Garcia III during the 15th year anniversary celebration of the cityhood of Balanga.

The 15,000 participants danced for almost three hours via a “Zumbalanga” dance craze on the stretch of EGSA (Enrique Garcia Sr. Avenue) or the 2 kilometer-four-lane highway in Barangay Tuyo here.

The advocacy called the “Tobacco Free Generation (TFG) Movement” targets the younger generation that was born from the year 2000 and above to make a commitment and pledge not to smoke a cigarette to stop the increasing number of diseases and deaths caused by cigarette smoking.

One person dies from tobacco-related disease every six seconds. Reports say that six million people die yearly from tobacco-related diseases, which is higher than the number of people dying of human immunodeficiency virus (HIV), tuberculosis (TB) and malaria combined.

By 2030, eight million people will die of direct or second-hand smoking if no strong measures are taken to control the epidemic.

The World Health Organization cited some countries for making progress in implementing MPOWER like Australia, New Zealand, South Korea, Japan, Cambodia, Malaysia, Palau and Singapore, among others.

Tobacco Free Generation is a social movement that seeks to re-balance the landscape of teenage smoking. Helmed by doctors, medical students, teachers and volunteers, they seek to connect with youths in schools to educate and encourage them to be part of the tobacco free generation and not to fall prey to being ‘replacement smokers’ of the tobacco industry.

Tobacco Free Generation (TFG) encourages teens to be the generation that makes the difference, the generation that says NO to cigarettes and to look after themselves and their peers.

Almost 15000 participants joined the Zumbalanga dance craze along EGSA four-lane avenue in Balanga City during the launching of Tobacco Free Generation Movement on December 30, the 15th year cityhood anniversary of Balanga City.

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