Bataan electricity bill to lower next month

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  • Mar T. S.
  • 9 years ago


   Bataenbos were shocked and caught by surprise when they  received their jack up bills the other month, after it was suddenly increased by almost 50 percent.

   GN power runs two 600 megawatts power plant in Mariveles that supplies the Luzon grid.

   Being the host province, then governor now congressman Tet Garcia and then congressman now governor Abet S. Garcia, worked and appealed to GN power for the cheaper power rates for the province. The GN power management agreed.

   Before the GN turbines conked out, Bataan was experiencing the lowest power rates in the region.

   But the young governor pointed out that the malfunction of one of the turbines of GN power plant was just temporary and that the management is now rushing to fix it.

  This was confirmed by Engr. Loreto Marcelino, General Manager of the Peninsula Electric Cooperative (PENELCO), distributor of electricity in Bataan, whose power supply is coming from GN Power plant

   A foreign owned company, the  GN power plant was just constructed more than two years ago along the coastal barangay of Alas-asin, Mariveles town.        

   “Sa mga bagong itinatayong power plant na ganun ay normal pala daw na nasisirang pansamantala dahil parang nasa observation or dry run period pa lamang kasi,” added Garcia.

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