Bataan firm on its stand vs. BNPP

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  • Greg R.
  • 2 years ago

The provincial government of Bataan sticks to its stand – that it is opposed to the operation of antiquated Bataan Nuclear Power Plant. Bataan Gov. Joet Garcia reiterated in a recent press conference that the provincial government is open to some options utilizing energy source other than nuclear. He hinted that if ever, the plant may be located far from the province to protect economic zones, oil refinery, the government arsenal and other important facilities.

The governor earlier disclosed that the BNPP could be converted to a data center because of its ideal location being near the sea. Garcia said that a certain group doing a study on BNPP says the plant can still be operated but the problem is “where will we dump the nuclear waste”? The national government has been reported dealing with the United States and France on nuclear energy program through the Philippine Nuclear Research Institute.

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