Bataan solon urges urgent action on Equality Bill

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Bataan solon urges urgent action on Equality Bill
  • Mhike R. C.
  • 1 month ago

In a passionate plea on social media, Bataan First District Representative Geraldine Roman called on President Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr. to prioritize the SOGIESC (Sexual Orientation, Gender Identity and Expression, and Sex Characteristics) Equality Bill.

Congresswoman Roman’s post, which has garnered significant attention and support, highlights the widespread backing from over 200 organizations that have signed an open letter addressed to the President. The Facebook post, titled “MAKE EQUALITY YOUR LEGACY! emphasizes that the fight for equality transcends the LGBTQ+ community and addresses discrimination faced by all Filipinos. Roman’s message underscores the necessity of protecting individuals in various aspects of life, including employment, education, access to government services, and entry into public spaces and accommodations.

“PLEASE CERTIFY THE SOGIESC EQUALITY BILL AS URGENT! Roman urged in her post, emphasizing the critical need for legislative action to safeguard the rights and well-being of marginalized communities in the Philippines. The SOGIESC Equality Bill aims to provide comprehensive anti-discrimination protections for individuals based on their sexual orientation, gender identity, and expression. Advocates argue that the bill is essential to creating a more inclusive and equitable society, free from prejudice and discrimination. “The bill is not just for the LGBTQ+ community; it’s for every Filipino who has faced or might face discrimination,” Roman stated.

“This legislation is about ensuring equal treatment and protection under the law for everyone.”

The call for action comes amidst ongoing debates and advocacy efforts within the Philippines to advance human rights and equality. Roman’s post, supported by The Equality Alliance and marked with hashtags like #LoveLahat and #EqualityForAll, reflects a broader movement pushing for significant social change.

As the nation observes these developments, the hope is that President Marcos Jr. will heed the call to certify the SOGIESC Equality Bill as urgent, thus marking a significant step towards ending discrimination and fostering a culture of inclusivity in the Philippines

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