Cong. Gila lectures on environment

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Cong. Gila lectures on environment
  • Greg R.
  • 8 months ago

Congresswoman Maria Angela S. Garcia or simply Cong. Gila to her constituents virtually conducted a lecture on environment last weekend at the AG Llamas Elementary School (AGLES) in Mariveles, Bataan to launch the “Trash for Casback” program.

AGLES, the largest school in Mariveles in term of student population, was chosen as the launching pad of the project for its clean and orderly environment. Acting like a school teacher, Gila explained in details the five Rs that should be practiced in environmental care– recycle, reuse, repurpose, reduce and refuse. In the middle of her lecture she asked the audience– composed of school principals, parents, teachers, barangay officials and even local politicians led by Board Member Angel Sunga– to identify which are “nabubulok” (biodegradable) and di-nabubulok (non-biodegradable). The audience which was grouped into three answered correctly. And they got a token for a prize.

The lady solon asked the residents to collect plastic bottles, caps, sachets, and other plastic items to gain environmental points that could be turned to cash after four weeks. The collected items shall be kept for recycling by a private entity– BEST or Basic Environmental System Technology.

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