Hermosa Sanitary Landfill, assured of category 4 approval

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HERMOSA, Bataan – It is impossible to envision a scenario of zero waste, because waste will continue to be generated with increasing economic development, that even with intensive efforts, significant quantities of waste still go to landfills, that the final consideration in any solid waste management system is the manner by which waste is ultimately disposed.

With the opening of the Hermosa Sanitary Landfill managed by Eco Nest waste management corporation headed by Atty. Coelli C. Fiel, said company vouched for the approval of the amended Environmental Compliance Certificate (ECC) of HSL from category 1 to category 4, as the highest, citing the competitive advantage of Eco Nest in leading the project.

Consistent with DENR-EMB thrust to further streamline the requirements and procedure of the Environment Impact Statement, as provided in the DENR administrative order no.30 series of 2003, admin order no.42 of 2002, on the operationalization of resolution no.6, the guidelines on the categorized final disposal facility, that Hermosa sanitary landfill from category 1, with a capacity of only 15 metric tons per day has been approved to category 4, meaning they can now accommodate more than 200  but less than 1000 metric tons per day of solid segregated waste.

Furthermore, an Environment Impact Study (EIS) shall be required for a sanitary landfill of 1,000 metric tons daily capacity consistent with the procedural manual for DENR, wherein from category 1, which only features having only clay liner as compared to category 4, wherein clay liner is at least 75cm thick with permeability of 10-7cm, the leachate treatment will be a combination of physical, biological and chemical with over 60 cm thick clay liner.

These guidelines are based on the potential net residual solid waste generation for setting the entry level of LGU into various categories, taking into consideration the environment hydro-geological dimension and other ecologically-acceptable technologies for the management of residual waste.

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