Hontiveros pushes for Roman’s SOGIE bill’s approval

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  • Zeny S.
  • 4 years ago

BALANGA CITY, Bataan – With the recent discrimination suffered by impersonator Jervi Le, more popularly known as Kaladkaren Davila, when she and her friends were denied entry into a Makati bar due to their sexual orientation, Senator Riza Hontiveroz said that members of the the LGBT are easy targets of harassment and violence hence her appeal to her colleagues in the Senate that SOGIE (Sexual Orientation, Gender Identity and Expression) bill finally end the debate and move for its immediate passage.
She added that the measure was approved by the House of Representatives last year sponsored by Congresswoman Geraldine Roman of the 1st district of Bataan and has been in the Senate for interpellations for 623 days since the time it was sponsored on the floor.
It will be remembered that Congresswoman Geraldine Roman filed House Bill ( HB 267) last June 30, 2016 of which the bill stated, ” Prohibiting Discrimination on the basis of Sexual Orientation or Gender Identity, which seeks to define, prohibit and penalize situations and practices wherein discriminations on the basis of Sexual Orientation and Gender Equality occur.”
In consonance with the constitution on equality and protection of rights, with regards to the discrimination that happened, Congresswoman Geraldine Roman filed immediately a resolution, directing the House Committee on Women and Gender Equality, to conduct an inquiry into the possible discriminatory acts perpetrated against said LGBT people.
She likewise said that these incidents highlight the systemic discrimination that transgender Filipinos face which embrace not only in getting access to the public places but also underscores the need to have meaningful laws in place which address the general public’s lack of knowledge regarding our LGBT brothers and sisters.

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