Indemnification for ASF- affected hog raisers set

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ASF still around; PVO adopts strict measures
  • Greg R.
  • 6 months ago

Reeling from the menace of African swine fever that devastated Bataan’s hog raising industry, the provincial government is ready to release P3.1 million for indemnification of 101 affected farmers.

Dr. Alberto Venturina, chief of Bataan Veterinary Office, said the hog farmers from different municipalities will receive P3,000 per hog for those registered with the Registry System for Basic Sector in Agriculture (RSBSA), and P2,500 per hog for the unregistered. A maximum of 20 hogs per farmer shall be allowed for indemnification, Venturina said. The payout for the fourth batch is upcoming.

Bataan and other provinces in Central Luzon were first attacked by ASF in January 2020. Backyard hog farmers who felt the spread of contagious viral disease sought the assistance of the local veterinary office which immediately implemented preventives measures.

The ASF had sent local hog farmers closing down their farms thus affecting the supply of pork in the local market. Meat vendors were forced to “import” pork from nearby Tarlac and Bulacan provinces.

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