Mayor Inton unveils Hermosa’s “bright future”

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Mayor Inton unveils Hermosa's bright future
  • Mhike R. C.
  • 4 months ago

In a recent meeting with representatives from Berthapil Inc., Mayor Jopet Inton showcased the burgeoning potential of Hermosa as their next business hub. Berthapil Inc., a leading investor in the Clark Freeport Zone with twelve real estate developments under its belt, expressed delight at the rapid progress of the town.

The meeting highlighted potential infrastructure and projects that could be established in Hermosa, positioning it as a prime destination for business growth. Among the attendees were Berthapil Inc. CEO, Peter Herman, Berthapil Chairman, Michael Herman, and SBMA Chairman, Eduardo Aliño.

Mayor Inton expressed optimism about the future of Hermosa, emphasizing the town’s commitment to sustainable development and economic prosperity. With the support of investors like Berthapil Inc., Hermosa aims to transform into a thriving business and lifestyle hub in the region.

The partnership, Inton added, between Hermosa and Berthapil Inc. signifies a significant step towards realizing the town’s vision of becoming a premier business destination. As Hermosa continues its journey of progress and development, it is poised to attract more investments and create opportunities for its residents.

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