New land titling law removes many restrictions

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CENRO Bagac Regulation and Permitting Section Head Mylene Chiuco said the new land titling law (RA 11573) simplifies the procedure and requirements in granting land titles and removes many restrictions.

PENRO Bataan Land Management Inspector Marielle Briz said the new law reduces the required period of possession to at least 20 years with improvement compared to 30 years before to apply for (Agricultural) Free Parent. In applying for Residential Free Patent, the requirement is at least 10 years occupation of the lot.

The land titling application is being processed at the Community Environment and Natural Resources Offices (CENRO).

Chiuco said CENRO has to process free patent applications within 120 days unlike before there was no prescribed time. She said that in the past, some applications even dragged on for years.

She said the law also mandates the PENRO, DENR Regional Director, and the DENR Secretary to approve the applications within five days, depending on the size of the land.

PENRO will sign up to 5 hectares area; Regional Director when more than 5 hectares up to10 hectares; and DENR Secretary when above 10 hectares to 12 hectares.

Chiuco said a Filipino is allowed only up to 12 hectares of land in his name in a title. She added, before the Free Patent title was not allowed to be alienated (sell and mortgage) until 5 years. Now, with the new law, as long as the title has been released it can be immediately alienated. Chiuco said there is also no age limit for applicants for the land title as long as he is Filipino. She said even a minor can apply for a land tile. Briz said for Residential Free Patent the maximum size of area can be applied for in highly urbanized cities is 200 square meters; other cities, 500 square meters; class 1 and 2 municipalities,750 square meters; other municipalities, 1000 square meters.

Chiuco also explained that for Residential Free Patent, only one spouse can apply for the title meaning either the husband or wife. She said before that only the husband can apply for the title.

She added that a processing fee of P150 will be paid for land title application plus one documentary stamp.

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