Social workers get pointers on stress management

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Social workers get pointers on stress management
  • Greg R.
  • 3 months ago

Managing stress and dealing with psychological problems that social workers and frontline caregivers may encounter in their job routine were discussed in a seminar organized last April 29 by the Municipal Government of Abucay.

Ms. Resvan Farah L. Mas, a licensed psychometrician, tackled stress management to prioririze the mental well-being of social workers and frontliners. It was aimed at enlightening them on effective stress management techniques tailored to the unique challenges faced by daycare workers by providing valuable insights into understanding and mitigating the stressors inherent in their demanding roles. The participants eagerly absorbed Ms. Ma’s guidance on cultivating resilience and self-care strategies to navigate the complexities of their profession successfully through workshops and engaging discussions.

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