Towards coastal and ocean sustainability

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  • Maria Vinnise Marcelo .
  • 12 months ago

The PhilCOAST Project Team, consisting mainly of faculty members from the Marine Science Institute of the University of the Philippines (UP-MSI), organized the first Bataan-Manila Bay Stakeholders Consultation and Workshop at The Bunker on April 24, with the assistance of the Provincial Government Environment and Natural Resources Office (PG-ENRO).

Aimed at addressing concerns through citizen science and networking, the workshop underscored the importance of stakeholders in achieving coastal and ocean sustainability.

To kick off the workshop, UP-MSI introduced the COAST Card, a stakeholder-driven tool that predicts, monitors, and reports the effectiveness of management decisions that would impact coastal/local communities in the watershed of Manila Bay.

This was followed by an in-depth discussion on Bataan’s status and the current state of its coasts, in relation to the reports from PG-ENRO and studies conducted in the province.

The UP-MSI presented transdisciplinary tools under the PhilCOAST Project that empower stakeholders to make informed decisions, which lead to achieving sustainability in the ocean.

By emphasizing the importance of stakeholders, the workshop likewise aimed to promote a participatory approach to coastal and ocean sustainability, ultimately ensuring a more informed and effective decision-making process.

Dr. Rhodora V. Azanza, Dr. Lourdes J. Cruz, Dr. Maria Lourdes San Diego-McGlone, Dr. Gil Jacinto, Dr. Hildie Maria Nacorda (UP-SESAM), and Dr. Vanessa Vargas-Nguyen (UMCES) facilitated the workshop.

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