First Line Defense Marker of Bataan

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(Rotunda, Layac, Dinalupihan

   It marks the first strong line of defense of combined Philippines USAFFE Troops against Japanese invasion during WW II.

   Symbolic of the tragedy that befell Bataan and the gallantry of Filipino and American heroes who restored our country and people to a government of free peoples is a monument in the center of rotunda in Layac, Dinalupihan, Bataan. This monument was erected by the 38th Infantry division, Army of the United States, in memory of the defenders of Bataan, living and dead, including the 38th Tank Company of Harrodburg, Kentucky, a unit of said division, in December 1941 to February 1942.

   It also marks the liberation of the place on January 19, 1945 to August 16,1945 wholly by the following units: 149th Infantry, 151st Infantry, 113th Engineer Combat Battalion, 139th Artillery Battalion, 38th Field Artillery Battalion and the 38th Division Special Troop.


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