The breadwinner takes it all

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Hard circumstances in life knock him down, but the love he has for his family pulls him up. This is the story of Mr. Danilo Perez, head of the Provincial Population Office (PPO) and head of his family.

He resides at Maunlad St. Cupang West, Balanga City together with his wife Angelita and three children namely J. Wilson, Danilo Jr., and Richard.

A product of Cupang Elementary School and Tomas del Rosario Academy, he took up his undergraduate degree in BS BA major in Management in Bataan Community College (now BPSU), his Masteral degree in Business Administration in Assumption University Pampanga, and his degree in Law in Arellano University.

With this educational qualification, who would have thought that he was a working student since high school up to his college days? “Basta may pagkaka-kitaan, sumasama ako don. Katulad ng pagpupulot ng palay, pag-aani ng kamote, pagtitinda ng pandesal at icedrop, pagta-tricycle, paggawa sa construction. Lahat yun dinanas ko,” he said. This is because his father passed away early and since his elder siblings already had families of their own, it left him taking care of his mother who is already old and didn’t have the capacity to send him to school. The time he earned enough money to send himself to college was also the time he considered himself the head of the family. At a young age, he became the breadwinner for his mother.

His school life was a little bit complicated, and his work life wasn’t that easy either. He started his career in the Provincial Government of Bataan as a full-time outreach worker in PPO until he rose from the ranks and became the supervisor in the same department, HRMO IV in the Human Resources Department, manager in PESO, OIC in MIS (Balanga City), OIC in PESO Balanga, and finally the OIC in PPO in 2009.

Being the OIC, he is in charge of the over-all management and supervision of the office, and the achievement and preparation of their plans and programs. Their main goal is to help in improving the lives of each family in Bataan and they do that through their advocacy and literacy programs on responsible parenting, adolescent health, fertility awareness, family planning, and many more.

“Yung pinaka-fulfilling part ay yung nagagampanan ko yung aking trabaho bilang padre de pamilya, yung pagiging responsableng ama dahil napagtapos ko sila at bilang anak dahil nakatulong ako sa nanay ko,” he answered when asked what is the most fulfilling part of his job. Until now he still lives up to his duties as a breadwinner.

At present, he looks forward to his retirement, “ang haba na ng naging trabaho ko, gusto ko naman mag-relax” he said.

Since he was young, life has given him so many responsibilities to handle. As I see it, I think that those responsibilities took away his childhood from him. So now that his life is already stable, he enjoys his life to the fullest and one way of doing that is through playing tennis. Also, while waiting for his retirement to come, he gives his best shot to be a public servant for one last time and at the same time review for the upcoming Bar exams in November. Yes, Mr. Perez is a lawyer in the making.

“Wag kang hihinto sa pagtayo, kahit na nadadapa ka,” this is his principle in life that he got from his godfather who was a farmer. And later on, as he went through his very challenging life, he realized that his godfather was right. “Ibig sabihin magsikap ka, wag kang hihinto sa paglakad. Kung madapa ka, diretso lang ang lakad. Okay lang yung madapa ka kasi yan yung magpapatibay sa’yo,” he explained further.

Now that he is about to face new challenges in his life, the Bar exams, and the life he is going to have after his retirement, one thing is for sure: he will get where he wants to be, however and whatever it takes, and he will surely have it all.


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