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Humble Beginnings

   The Bataan Heroes Memorial College (BHMC), a private and non-sectarian educational institution, was founded in June 1979 by the late Engr. Sesenio S. Rosales and Dr. Laureana S. Rosales. 

   BHMC was envisioned by its founders to serve as a monument to the legacies left by the heroes of Bataan more than five decades ago. These legacies of courage, human endurance, burning patriotism and the indominability of the Filipino spirit are values worth emulating and inculcating in the minds of the youth.

   Dr. Rosales, being a native of Limay, Bataan, spent the war years in Bataan and witnessed the sacrifices of the Filipino soldiers and civilians during war. This vision of sacrifice long haunted her until finally, in the early part of 1978, she and her husband, Engr. Rosales decided to open a school in Bataan which is the fifth school they had established in Mindanao and elsewhere, later to be known as the Capitol System of Schools.

   BHMC was founded in the conviction that no other agency permeates its influence on the greateer bulk of the population than the educational institution itself; hence. the crucial and important role of the school in the area of human resource development.

   BHMC started operation in school year 1979-1980 with 293 freshmen enrollees in General Engineering, Maritime Education, Commerce, Liberal Arts and Secondary Education. Before the year ended, the ROTC Department was activated as the 526th NROTC Unit of the Philippine Navy.

   As an institution of higher learning, he College commits herself to the achievement of national unity as was Bataan several decades ago – a unifying experience that showed the entire struggle the Filipinos hd waged for liberty and solidarity. It likewise aspires for modernization, self-reliance and social justice.

Present Times

   After barely three decades of existence, the Bataan Heroes Memorial College has found her place in the sun. 

   BHMC is one of the schools unders the so-called Capitol System of Schools, of which Capitol University is the flagship school established by the Rosales couple. Among the members of the System are the Capitol University, Capitol General Hospital Foundation, Inc. and St. Francis Learning Center, all in Cagayan de Oro City; Iligan Capitol College and Lyceum of Illigan Foundation, both in Iligan Ciy; and Gingoog City Junior College, in Gingoog City.


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