GENPACT to bring immeasurable benefits to Bataeños

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  • Zeny S.
  • 6 years ago

CITY of BALANGA, Bataan – These were the very words of Governor Abet Garcia in his message at the launching of this Global leader in digitally powered business, that GENPACT will be a game changer in our landscape, that this will bring a dramatic change, a positive domino effect in the course and lives of every Bataeño.

Immeasurable benefits in the sense, the Governor added that, this will not only bring more employment to our people, as GENPACT country manager Dan Reyes said, with their initial 150 employees, they will surely expand.


The impact of GENPACT as they embark in Bataan, serves as a multiplier effect, that if we have more people, we need more food, more transportation, more housing and more investors to come.


Governor Garcia also shared to the audience that while watching ANC TV late show, the host made mention that Bataan, Balanga City in particular is a good investment site for IT, that is putting Balanga City in the map… of which true enough, because with then former city mayor Joet Garcia (now 2nd district congressman) and now Mayor Francis Garcia, have transformed the city into an IT hub, with their “University Town” concept, barangay learning hub as well as the educational institutions supporting the businesses with their K12, preparing the students for a sure job in the future.


Garcia also reiterated that Bataan has been ranked by PSA as the 2nd least poor province in the country, that he believes with the establishment of GENPACT, this will “push” our rank to no. 1


Moreover, the Governor said that with our kababayan’s confidence in what’s happening in the province, he will build an ecosystem that will support businesses especially in terms of the peace and order situation, which will be well taken care of, to secure and assure investors that they will find the province a convenient place to live in and peaceful community wherein their safety will be of utmost priority.

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