Gov. Abet upholds a system of meritocracy in government service

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Bataan Gov. Albert S. Garcia emphasized the importance of a System of Meritocracy in crafting an effective Performance Management System (PMS) in the government. Speaking at a webinar on “eGovernment Innovations of Local Government Units (LGUs)”, July 22, 2020, organized by the Department of Information and Communications Technology (DICT) and the National ICT Confederation of the Philippines (NICP), Gov. Garcia reiterated that a culture of excellence or meritocracy within an organization can only be possible when the different departments become one with the leadership in working for the fulfillment of the province’s vision and mission. Bataan’s vision of “having the lowest poverty incidence resulting from quality growth, attaining top-level human development index by 2020” provides the backbone for all the initiatives being undertaken by the province based on the collaborative efforts of the different special bodies and department heads and all the employees under them. ”This way, we know that everyone is on the same page and working towards the same goal of fulfilling the vision,” Gov. Garcia said. He added, “in a system of meritocracy, the hardworking employee gets the credit that he deserves by way of promotion, or incentives and bonuses made available for him in the system.

The efforts he puts on the fulfillment of his job don’t go unnoticed because there is a day-to-day system to ensure that his activities are documented. In line with this, Bataan was awarded first place in two provincial categories — Best in eGOV Global Competitiveness (G2W) for its Automated Performance Management System (APMS) and Best in eGOV Business Empowerment (G2B) Award for Hotjobs Bataan — during the 2019 Digital Innovation Awards. APMS became a tool to establish a performance-based guideline where all the departments and individuals get incentives, not across the board but based on their accomplishments in their set targets. APMS not only provides automation in the reports or online monitoring of commitments but it also set an honest-to-goodness basis of performance-rating and ranking of qualified departments and individuals. Gov.

Garcia noted an undeniable impact where employees were encouraged to give their best and excellent performance and are made aware that they need to perform better at any given time, smarter than the last year. “The effective performance management system that we have put in place helped create a culture of excellence from within the ranks of the provincial government and paved the way for an eco-system that resulted in more accomplishments,” he added. As far as Hotjobs Bataan is concerned, this program provided an exemplary performance in empowering its constituents and business stakeholders by being the first area-specific job portal in Bataan that facilitates equal opportunities for all job seekers and employers within the Province. It was initially launched to speed up employment processes but upon the dawning of the new normal brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic, Hotjobs Bataan was successfully upgraded into Hotjobs Bataan PESO Call Center to cater even to those who did not have easy access to the internet. So far, Hotjobs Bataan has registered 19, 013 jobseekers, 152 employers, and 1640 jobs advertised. As businesses move forward amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, the achievements of APMS and Hotjobs Bataan continue to aid the economic movement in the province. Gov. Garcia remains optimistic that even after the pandemic, the province’s best practices will carry over the new normal. | SHIRLEY PIZARRO

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