Hog raisers undergo “Swine Outbreak Disease” seminar

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  • 5 years ago

BALANGA CITY, Bataan – After the successful organization of the Bataan Poultry Farm Association, dealing with the biggest problem then on “flies,” Dr. Albert Venturina, Provincial Veterinarian, replicates the same on the Hog Raisers of Bataan.

Dr. Venturina said that to suffice funds with their many projects, he partners with private agencies to have activities that will help propel the profitability of the swine industry.

Moreover, Ms. Heidi Dychingco, newly elected President of the Bataan Hog Raisers said that with their 30 registered hog farmers in Bataan, they are happy that the Provincial Government, thru the Provincial Veterinary Office is helping the organization to update their operations via seminars on modern technology especially in preventing outbreak of swine diseases, quality of hog raising and the right prospective to make good income of their industry.

Dychingco added that Dr. Venturina invited Boehringer Ingelheim, a leading US pharmaceuticals, providing the latest technology in controlling the most prevalent swine disease, and launched the seminar at Crown Royal Hotel with prominent speaker, Dr. Andy Bulay, currently the Vice President of the College of Swine Protection, who talked about “How to simplify vaccination and de-stressing the swine which eventually saves time and money, significantly providing less stress on animals and people and reducing labor costs.”

Dr. Venturina and Ms. Dychingco said that they plan to extend the seminar not only to large swine farms but also to include owners of backyard piggery to prevent the spread of swine diseases.

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