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LIMAY, Bataan – A true blue Bataeña and loving daughter to her family, Ira Cabulao is the first Filipina to be part of Passion Conference 2019 not just as a delegate but as a speaker held last January 2 to 4 in Atlanta, Georgia, USA with a simultaneous web stream in Washington DC, Dallas, and Arlington.
Ira, 23 years old, is a member of the deaf community here in the Philippines. According to her Mom, Anadel Cabulao, Ira attended a convention for Filipino Sign Language where one of the delegates took a video of her and posted it online. This is the reason why the CEO of Deaf Bible Society in Texas had an interest to her story and have it aired through Deaf Bible Society’s Facebook live.
Last November 30, 2018 Ira was invited to the Passion 2019 to share how she shared God’s word through sign language. The goal is to reach the 70 million deaf global community for so far, only 2% of them knows God. The initial target was to raise funds amounting to only 280,000$ but with Ira’s story it reached 448,000$ and still counting.
To date, Ira is starting to share the word of God through sign language under the Talking Hand Ministry. They have a total of 16 deaf members from Limay, Orion, Balanga City, and Mariveles. She also does home visitation for the parents and school visitation which started at Limay National High School. Ira’s Mom, Anadel Cabulao, is hopeful that Bataan will also welcome and support the deaf community similar to how it supports other persons with disability.

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