Marcos considers education as real solution to country’s problems

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  • Perla E.
  • 9 years ago

“Kung educated ang mga tao, mas magiging maganda ang takbo ng lipunan. That is why every time na may effort na pagandahin ang lipunan, inuuna ang edukasyon because a well-trained, well-educated populace is an involved populace,” he said.

Marcos wanted full education for the present generation, to children now in school. “Productivity increases when the citizenry is fully educated,” he said. “Education coupled with hard work, as instilled by the parents and the schools, are the real solution to all our problems in the country, especially poverty,” the senator said.

He considered the quality of our future as dependent on the quality of education the country has. “Dapat maganda ang training, ang educational system kaya dapat suportahan ng gobyerno ang mga guro,” the senator said.

Marcos said he was saddened that teachers are still underpaid and urged government to help them. “Education is the most important service of government to improve the quality of life of Filipinos,” he said. He urged parents and teachers to continue guiding and loving children. “Let us all fortify them with our good Filipino values and mores, made solid by our strong faith in God

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