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The occurrence of COVID-19 has affected many aspects of life very swiftly and drastically, in many parts of the world. At present, millions of lives have been displaced, and each national or local government around the globe has its way of responding to the problems brought about by this pandemic. Having said these, the Provincial Human Resource Management Office (PHRMO), in compliance to the directives of the Civil Service Commission, took the initiative to study the current resources and situation of the Provincial Government of Bataan, and take innovative and timely actions in providing services to the PGB employees and the public as well.

Under the leadership of Ms. Luz R. Enriquez, the Provincial Human Resource Management Office conducted a two-day seminar “HR Management on the New Normal” last July 23 and 24, held at the Conference Room, The Bunker Building attended by representatives from 34 participating offices like the Mariveles District Hospital, Provincial General Services Office, Jose C. Payumo Jr. Memorial Hospital, Office of the Provincial Treasurer, Provincial Tourism Office, and Public Employment Service.

For a safer way of signing in for attendance, the PHRMO opted for a more advanced tool; the face recognition with thermal scanner camera, where PGB employees no longer have to manually search for their names on the roster. Instead, they pause in front of a thermal scanner held by a guard to have their body temperature checked. The device will automatically identify the personnel (even when wearing a face mask) and at the same time accurately read his temperature. The entire process takes only 5 seconds. If the employee has normal body temperature he can proceed, but if he has above normal temperature, the device will set an alarm. The tool also reminds personnel to wear their face masks prior to entering the building.

Another initiative is the PHRMO Bataan Online Frontline Service, wherein PGB personnel can request for the documents they need via Facebook. Documents like Service Record, Certificate of Employment, and Leave Form can be requested online. PHRMO staff are always available to either answer queries or set an appointment for a personal meeting. This service is still temporary, as the official website for providing these services, the Human Resource Management System (HRMS), is yet to be launched.

The PHRMO too has devised a system for aspiring government employees to submit their applications for existing vacant positions at the PGB through the PHRMO Online Job Application System. Applicants only have to type in, choose from the list of job vacancies, then send a copy of their Resume or Personal Data Sheet. When all job openings already have applicants and the deadline for submitting applications is over, interviews will be conducted by the Personnel Selection Board via Zoom.

“This is the new normal, with the aid of technology, we have to embrace it,” said Ms. Enriquez during the seminar. The PHRMO is thinking of more ways to exercise and improve its mandate while coping with the new normal.

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CARLA CARMINA D. LANDAGAN – Human Resource Management Officer II

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