Samal…geared towards a culture of excellence

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SAMAL, Bataan – Mayor Gene Malibiran dela Fuente, the first female municipal mayor of Samal, is also the first local chief executive of said town to deliver the State of the Municipality’s Address (SOMA) for seven years now, keeping her constituents informed of all the programs and services of the municipal government and what to expect from her and the other officials.

In her 7th SOMA, she proudly reported that the municipal coffer has increased from P50M, when she first assumed as mayor to a big leap of P120M at present.


She said that she’s envisioning Samal towards a culture of excellence in her last term with a vision that by 2020, “Samal will be within the TOP 3 preferred sites of AGRO-Industrial Enterprises in the Philippines.”


Many will say that, it’s rather a tall order but she believes that if there’s a will, there’s a way, that they will have to double their efforts to improve their economy to be able to raise further the standard of living of the Samaleños.


To reach a million steps, we should start with the first step now, added the lady mayor, thus, they are now into the Performance Governance System (PGS) with Institute for Solidarity in Asia (ISA) to help the municipal employees to effectively perform and deliver the basic services to the people.


To achieve her objectives, she’s continuing her 9-point Agenda which she already introduced at the start of her term, and these are G.E.N.E H.E.L.P.S. The acronym stands for G-generate development strategies for Agro-Industrial and Small and Medium enterprises, E-empower all Samalenos, N-nurture Samalenos culture, E-establish Project Salbabida, H-hasten business processes, E-ensure reliable infrastructure, L-link the government to the people, P-(PPP) or Protect the people, Preserve the environment, Promote tourism and S-systematize the municipal government of Samal.


In her closing message, Mayor dela Fuente stressed that her role as the executive is centered to her goal of an orderly and clean, people-centered government; that she wants to be remembered as the leader “na lumaban nang tama para sa tama.”

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