Abucay, locators’ top choice for commercial and housing site

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  • Raffy C. V.
  • 3 years ago

The strategic location of the this town which is adjacent to Balanga City is a top choice for commercial property leasing and housing packages.
Mr. Leo Manrique, secretary of Abucay Sangguniang Bayan (SB), has explained the highly-competitive and ideal advantages of the historic town near one of the fastest growing component cities in Central Luzon.

Manrique said the indisputable foresight of Mayor Liberato Santiago of embarking on socialized and economic housing and urban development framework categorically indicates Abucay town as a preferred property investment site outside of Balanga city.
Real estate developers are carefully evaluating the meaningful effects to real estate property development of continuous public works projects in the upland section of the town and decisive implementation of land use plan.

Mr. Manrique highlighted the establishment of more Metro Manila based shopping malls, fast foods, large-scale service-oriented initiatives and the influx of small and medium entrepreneurs in Balanga City draws the town of Abucay into the circuit of various economic, social and recreational activities.
Likewise, the expansion of manufacturing firms in the designated industrial estate of Limay, petrochemical plants and labor-intensive Freeport Area of Bataan factories in Mariveles town, both in the Southern Bataan and Hermosa Ecozone have created a big market demand for shelter and housing facilities for employees and workers.

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