Abucay plans to beautify plaza, rehab falls

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  • Greg R.
  • 2 years ago

Plans are now afoot for the massive beautification of Abucay plaza and rehabilitation of resorts and falls. The move was initiated by Mayor Robin Tagle in his bid to develop his municipality into one of the tourist destinations in Central Luzon.

Already in the drawing board are the facelifting of the town plaza by moving the World War II marker from the front view of one of the oldest churches in the country to a space near the bridge where a mini-park will be put up.

Other plans include the rehabilitation and development of Sibul Spring Resort where a sanctuary for birds and butterflies will rise; construction of two-storey tourism and information center; and construction of two-storey library and museum building in Barangay Gabon.

A command center will be housed in the former office of the mayor in the old municipal building and an extension office for the Abucay police will also be put up in the same building.

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