Balanga mayor, 4 others attend World Urban Forum

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  • Mar T. S.
  • 10 years ago

 Candon City has been the center for commercial and educational in Ilocos Sur’s Second district due to the full support of Rep. Eric D. Singson, the longest serving congressman in the province. 

The LCP delegates’ participation to the forum was sponsored by the Cities Alliance through the Knowledge Management and Exchange System (KMES) project. The Philippines is among the 160 participating countries in the forum.

The attendance of mayor Garcia to the Isnternational forum is another breakthrough since the bright mayor can utilize this to further  enhance the opportunities for growth, learning, and partnerships in this Component City that has been the envy of others.

The Medellin City and the Colombian government hosted the World Urban Forum since Medellin is considered an international example of urban transformation through social urbanism.

Since his assumption as Mayor here, Garcia has been able to convert the City proper into a world class commercial center with the sprouting like mushrooms of sky rise malls and is designed into a unique architectural landscape, earning the admiration and praise of the Bataenos.

Under Mayor Joet’s leadership, Balanga city has been a recipient of various national and regional awards for good governance, effective leadership, among others.

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