Bataan town to enforce zoning to lure investors

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  • Raffy C. V.
  • 10 years ago

BALANGA CITY- Mayor Alice D. Pizarro of Pilar  town, this Province, is contemplating on implementing the zoning ordinance after consultations with various  socio-economic sectors regarding the transferring of junk shops along the national road in Barangay Sta. Rosa to other places to give way to the expected spill-over of commercial establishments from the nearby component city of Balanga.

Pizarro, University of the Philippines (UP)  College of Tourism alumna, said the proposed transfer of several junk shops will pave the way to the influx of business establishments including eateries and other stores that would further expand economic activity in the locality.

She explained that the construction of the new multi-million peso Balanga-Pilar bridge would improve the image of Sta. Rosa from a former red  district to a “new show window of the historic town of Pilar“ with the setting up of   ecological-tourism development projects in  the periphery  of  the world-famous Mount Samat.

Pizarro  said she convened the Municipal Development Council to pinpoint exactly the areas of concern to be given top priorities in  pursuing its  goal of economic growth  and better  services   that  will be more beneficial to the 40,000 residents of this Province’s agricultural town.

Pizarro also cited the big number of businessmen within the Province and from Metro Manila who have shown keen interest in the local development  council programs which they consider as marketable  and good long range  investment  options for them.

The lady mayor stressed that this third-class town with its eco-tourism program is now listed as one of  the fast growing  tourist destinations in Central Luzon.

Pizarro added that she is also studying the construction of a hostel, a restaurant, souvenir shops and other facilities that would cater to the needs of local and foreign tourists that they expect to visit the historic Mt Samat

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