Biggest triathlon set in Subic

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    SUBIC BAY- The Camayan Beach Resort and Hotel announced yesterday what it  called the forthcoming biggest triathlons in the Philippines, the First  “CHALLENGE PHILIPPINES!” shceduled from February 19 to 23, 2014.

   The Challenge Philippines course reflects the efforts by Challenge Philippines ownership, Endurance Entertainment Asia, to deliver the “best all around event experiences to the athletes and the Subic Bay and Bataan stakeholders. We deliberately looked on how to bring an iconic event to the area with the best economic impacts, but without the negative effects of closed city central roads or extra traffic. From first contact to finishing line, we wanted a unique and completely new course designed by athletes for athletes; this was our desired objective, ” said triathlon and sports industry veteran Dave Voth, Chief Executive Officer.

   Voth said “Arguably one of the most beautiful swim courses in Asia, the Swim Course starts from the white sand beaches of Camayan Beach Resort and ventures into IIanin Bay and the pristine waters of a protected marine area. Swimming in clear waters over reefs, historic ship wrecks and giant clams, will prove to be a memorable experience.” 

   The Run will take triathletes along a course that no one has raced before. A shaded Forest Run through the IIanin Forest on rolling shaded paved roads in the old Navy Magazine area. The course is closed to all traffic, no fumes or distractions, very safe, the run course will be fully closed to cars or traffic and all within the protected forest preserve.

   The Challenge Philippines will adopt the “Challenge Your Self, Race for a Cause” theme!  The Challenge Philippines Triathlon will be the climax of an entire weeklong celebration of lifestyle, cultural and community engagements and sport for the entire family celebrating the Pinoy Spirit and the beautiful traditions of the Philippines that will be happening at Ilanin Forested Area including Adventure Beach and Camayan Beach Resort and Hotel!

   The world’s best triathletes, such as Chris “Macca” McCormack will participate in the inaugural Challenge Philippines along side the very top Philippines and regional players.

   McCormack, who has raced around the world and won titles in the sports most iconic events., said the arrival of Challenge Philippines will add to the global focus and races in Asia.

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