Bishop’s thoughts on Valentine’s Day

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  • Greg R.
  • 5 years ago

BALANGA CITY – While sweet lovers, young and old, are lavishly eating out and dating out on Valentine’s Day, Bishop Ruperto Santos of Balanga Diocese have different thoughts on this important occasion for lovers and, well, love.

Bishop Santos says there are three important things about love this Valentine’s Day and every day of our lives. First, he said, is love of God. “He loves us first. His love does not diminish nor will it end. Don’t insult God”

Second, love of country. He said love is to protect. “Let us keep our country safe, secured and sound. Because of love, let us keep our country clean from monetary corruption; free from environmental destruction; and free from proliferation of casinos,” said the Bishop.

Lastly, he said, love of neighbors. “We are our brothers’ keepers. To love them is to protect life. Love is to preserve life, not to abuse it; not to suppress it,” he explained.

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