Bataan aims for a better quality of life and excellent public service

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  • 11 years ago

   A brainchild of Gov. Garcia, the new vision of the provincial government of Bataan is to become the preferred location for eco-industrial zones that will lead to the highest Human Development Index, a positive sign of effective and competent leadership that will  create more job opportunities to this lucky province in Central Luzon.

   To make the vision become more tangible, Gov. Garcia has initiated a two -day mind-boggling seminar –workshop called “Performance Governance System”  in partnership with the economists from Institute for Solidarity in Asia headed by professor Rainier Almazan  held at Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar in Bagac town.

   Attended by the governor himself, town mayors and heads of various departments in the province, together with the chairman and administrator of FAB Lawyer Deo Custodio, Sr. Supt. Audie Atienza of the PNP; representatives from various companies; among others, the two-day workshop produced various productive ideas and vision on how to make Bataan more progressive.

   “I am also very happy that the participants also actively shared their productive ideas  to make our new vision, mission and core values that will serve as our road map in further developing Bataan for the next years,” pointed out  Garcia.

   The governor himself crafted the province’s proposed mission  “Excellent public service towards a better quality of life for all,” that gained the overwhelming nod froml the participants.

   As for the core values, Garcia also wanted that the province will be guided by the following God-centered values: Integrity, Humility and Simplicity, Commitment to Excellence, Holistic, Adaptability and Innovativeness, and Unity.

   Professor Almazan was impressed by the presence of five economic zones in Bataan, such as the Subic-Hermosa Ecozone Cyber City, Hermosa Ecozone Industrial Park, Bataan Technology Park, Inc., Arsenal Industrial Estate, and the FAB, as he expressed optimism that Bataan might be among the highest earners with its industrial parks.”

   In 2009, Bataan was able to register an HDI second to Bulacan among Central Luzon provinces, getting a very close 0.698 compared to the latter’s 0.699, which the governor described as a hairline difference only.-Mar T Supnad


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