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BAGAC, Bataan – A recent visit in my hometown Bagac introduced me to a herbal plant locally called tawa-tawa supposedly effective in curing dengue.
Folks from Barangay Binukawan instructed to boil tawa-tawa leaves and then drink the water. A tawa tawa tea can also be made. They said the wonder plant also cures other illness.
Some villagers even jokingly tell tawa-tawa makes them laugh for no reason at all. The joke always makes my day.
In Olongapo City, Health for Life Wellness Clinic offers dengue supportive therapy for all ages.
The clinic conducts effective and efficient 2-3 day dengue supportive therapy.
“Instead of suffering the dengue disease for a week or so, miss a lot of work or school, a patient can get the supportive treatment. It will make him feel better in just 36 to 48 hours”, according to clinic doctors.
“A lot of our dengue patients have shown outstanding improvement after taking the supportive therapy”, the management added.
The clinic is located Unit 3007 Level 3 Harbor Point Ayala Mall in Subic Bay Freeport Zone. For further inquiries, call 0995-753-5916 and 0999-536-6762.

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