DOH warns public vs ‘WILD’ diseases

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Department of Health (DOH) warns the public against the so-called ‘WILD’ diseases. DOH Health Education and Promotion Officer Trixia Ponio said that these are the types of diseases that usually become rampant during rainy seasons because of wet or damp surroundings. WILD diseases stand for water-borne diseases, influenza, leptospirosis, and dengue.

“Usually, we see an increase of dengue cases during rainy season because the water accumulates in tires, bottles and other empty containers. This becomes stagnant and become breeding sites for mosquitoes,” Ponio said.
Aside from dengue, the DOH staff said they also anticipate a rise in leptospirosis cases during rainy season, especially in perennially flooded towns like Macabebe, and also among farmers.
Ponio added that influenza is also among the prevalent rainy day diseases, which is highly contagious.
“Flu usually starts with colds and cough, accompanied by body aches and fever. This can worsen and rapidly spread in crowded communities, especially among those who have weak immune system,” she said.
Another type of disease that we need to watch out, according to DOH, are water borne diseases including cholera and diarrhea.
“These are common among those who are in the evacuation centers or those whose water source becomes contaminated. These can also result from unsanitary food preparations,” Ponio said.
To combat these diseases, the DOH urge the public to keep our immune system strong, eat healthy foods, practice hygienic and sanitary preparation of foods, and avoid contamination of drinking water.
“We should always bring an umbrella to shield us from the rains. We should also avoid floodwater. However, if there is really a need to go outside, be sure to wear boots and other protective gear so that leptospirosis bacteria will not enter our wounds and other openings,” Ponio said.
She added that proper hygiene is also a must. DOH also discourages the public from self-medication and encourages the public to immediately go to the nearest health station when not feeling well.

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