DTI conducts business continuity planning seminar

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BALANGA CITY, Bataan – Aimed at creating a comprehensive business continuity operation that will allow businessmen/entrepreneurs to enhance the company’s capabilities to continue business as usual despite significant disruptions, the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) – Bataan sees the need to arm the business sector with business continuity planning skills.

Ms. Nora Reclosado, Division Chief of DTI-Bataan, said that it is one of their programs to enhance the knowledge of the business sector and provide them skills to continue their business operations in the face of disruptive events. She added that our businessmen need to develop advance process arrangement and procedures that will enable continued operation of their business to respond to an event in such a manner that the critical activities supported by information technology, continue with the essential change.

DTI-Bataan invited a prominent resource speaker, Mr. Dennis Orlina, a geologist by profession and a marketing specialist from the Philippine Center for Entrepreneurship who meticulously explained the business continuity planning, that he said has been widely misunderstood, but is strategically imperative in an operations-oriented sector which will provide emergency management and enhance managers to overcome difficulty in an operating model, where employees, tenants and government agencies will learn to be responsible for operating essential functions.

Mr. Orlina said that the people and organization face a variety of threats than ever before in terms of natural disasters, crimes, severe weather conditions, cyber threats, brand tarnishing, terrorism, supply chain and travel disruptions and other ecological challenges that hamper global competitiveness, thus we should know the approaches in meeting the challenges of the 21st century.

He emphasized that business disruptions such as natural disasters and other man made calamities is a disadvantage which harm the business process but can also serve as opportunities, hence he added, the creation of a practical logistical plan for an organization to ensure business to keep running at minimum downtime, wherein a set of procedures will surely define how a company mitigates, reacts, continues and recovers its critical functions in the event of unplanned disruptions in a normal situation.

The 100 participants on the other hand, expressed thanks and satisfaction to DTI with the knowledge learned on how their business can get back to normal operation despite a crisis.

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