Former drug dependents dared: prove your worth

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  • Raffy C. V.
  • 5 years ago

PILAR, Bataan – Mayor Alice D. Pizarro has urged eleven (11) former drug dependents of this town who voluntarily undertook 30 days rehabilitation at Bahay Pagbabago to totally reject the evil influence of prohibited drugs and focus instead into becoming more productive and responsible citizens.

Speaking before the Fifth Batch of the newly-reformed drug users and pushers the other day, Mayor Pizarro dared them to prove their worth as morally upright and God–fearing members of the community after their short stint at Bahay Pababago.

The surrenderees have undergone extensive yet fruitful seminars on spiritual, psychological and other aspects of job related program for their subsequent reintegration to the core of their respective communities and families.

Mayor Pizarro stressed in her message the notable objective of balik-loob project; to prevent the residents, particularly the youth from being hooked to illegal drugs and to thwart the ill-effects of drug–addiction to the socio-economic program of the government.

She explained the valuable role of the reformation center of launching a systematic mechanism which would provide former drug users and pushers the chance to explore all effective avenues leading toward better opportunities and public acceptance after extensive orientation

Photo courtesy of Municipality of Pilar FB page.

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