Gov. Abet, Mayor Joet lead Smart City Reference Site Visit in Korea

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Continental Information Systems Corporation (Cisco) is an American multinational corporation headquartered in San Jose, California that designs, manufactures, and sells networking equipment. Recently, it has changed its focus to the development and commercialization of an Internet-enabled electronic securities processing software platform which would use proprietary technology and which would be adapted to changes in the securities industry including operational changes related to increased volume, the ability to effect trades through the Internet, Electronic Crossing Networks, decimalization, expanded trading hours, various rule changes and the shift from settling trades in three days to settling trades in one day.

Joining Gov. Abet and Mayor Joet in the 2-day (August 1 & 2) reference site visit are Hon. Noel Joseph Valdecanas, City Vice-Mayor of Balanga; Ms. Sheila Ann Valdecanas, United Architects of the Philippines, Bataan Chapter; Engr. Butch Baluyot, Provincial Planning and Development Office Head and Mr. Geoffrey C. Loyola, Management Information Systems/Provincial Information Office Head.

Some of the sites that the team visited are the following: Cisco’s Global Center of Excellence, Songdo International School, Songdo City Integrated Operation Center, Songdo First World Residential Community and NEATT Tower Observatory, Smart Grid Operation Center in Seoul and the Dong-tan City Integrated Operation Center.

The Cisco team is confident that this reference site visit program will be helpful for Balanga City in transforming into a Smart University-City in the Philippines.

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