Gov. Abet prioritizes health

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  • 2 years ago

In his message during the recently concluded Bataan Health Summit, Gov. Abet Garcia emphasized health as the most important in life, that he can’t think of anything that is more important than health because, even though you have plenty of good ideas and you work on it, if you are not healthy, then that’s nothing.

Gov. Garcia once again, reiterated the province’s vision of achieving quality life,that we are focusing on our economic growth, for it will solve a lot of problems like health, peace and order, education, poverty to name a few.

Championing Universal Health Care in the province, Gov. Garcia explained that we have already re-oriented our priorities on health services and working on the management principle that “if we can’t measure it, we cannot manage it” but, if we can measure and manage it, then we can improve it.

Gov. Abet proudly announced that Bataan will be the first province nationwide to utilize a scheme, in collaboration with other concerned agencies to assess the top causes of mortality, natural and unnatural; so as to know how to prevent them and even work on necessary interventions.

Gov. Abet added that presently, the life expectancy of Bataeños is about 71 years, but if we will work effectively on our health programs then we can have longer and healthier lives. He thanked the Zuellig Family Foundation for assisting in our health programs as well as the national government for approving the implementation of the Universal Health Care law.

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