Hermosa LGU partners with Eco Nest via PPP scheme

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  • 4 years ago

HERMOSA, Bataan – The problem of waste has become one of the most delicate and talked about issues nowadays, most particularly to some of the towns in Bataan with open dumpsites, to comply with the mandatory requirements conforming with the Ecological Solid Waste Management Act of 2000 or face legal sanction.

Mayor Jopet Inton of this town sought the help of the private sector on an engineered method of disposing the wastes on land, to solve the town’s increasing volumes of wastes.

The Hermosa Sanitary Landfill was initiated in 2014 but due to insufficient funds, it is only now, that the solution to the waste problem has materialized, through the Public-Private-Partnership (PPP) scheme between the LGU of Hermosa and ECO Nest Corporation headed by Atty. Coelli C. Fiel, President and CEO. The ECO Nest Corporation who has an office in Makati City, is a Swiss-based company that focuses on providing advanced water and solid waste management solutions.

During the recent inauguration of said project, Governor Abet Garcia first toured the place and was amazed with the absence of foul odor at the sanitary landfill. He even mentioned in his message that he is happy that Hermosa town is the first municipality in the province to have given a good solution to the waste problem thru a PPP scheme.

He stressed further that Bataan is the only province in the whole country with the PPP scheme, wherein a government sector can choose or select a competent private partner for a good project. With EcoNest, the Governor said that we now have an environment friendly and cheaper way of disposing our waste.

Mayor Jopet Inton, on his part, said that with the opening of their sanitary landfill, their supposed budget of P6M a year could now be used to more important infrastructure projects of their town, aside from the fact that they will able to help the province in the over-all solution of the waste problem, thus inviting other LGU’s to use their sanitary landfill to dump their waste for a minimal fee.

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