Improved road network and entrepreneurial incentives, keys to economic boom

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  • Raffy C. V.
  • 3 years ago

Abucay Mayor Liberato Santiago sees the unprecedented economic growth of the province is the outcome of the expansion of road facilities and entrepreneurial incentive offers to local and foreign locators.

Mayor Santiago has foreseen more robust and pulsating business activities in Bataan due to its strategic geographical locations, corporate investment motivations and good governance policy.
The existing peaceful atmosphere in this third class municipality has boosted the inflow of more investments.
Mayor Santiago also cited the rich historical and cultural background of Abucay as one of the oldest municipalities in the province, reportedly the emerging town among the locators list of priority sites due to its proximity to the fast growing component city in the Central Luzon region.

As a prominent developer and businessman, he stressed that no investor would attempt to put up corporate ventures in the province without the presence of a peaceful ambience, available competent workers, stable and lucrative financial incentives and good governance.
The expected operations of numerous shopping malls in the province’s seat of government ,educational and commercial centers are considered favorable business sites that provide alternative locations for commercial, and industrial enterprises.

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